As a client at La Ventana you will be assigned a treatment team who meets weekly to discuss your individualized treatment and make recommendations to improve your stay.

You will be assigned an individual therapist who you will meet with regularly to discuss your personal recovery and the issues that are affecting only you and your life.

You will be assigned a family therapist to work with you and your relationship with your family with better understanding and communication between you. Family is defined as what you consider as your family. This may be your blood relatives and it may be others in your life whom you consider to be your family.

You will enter a compassionate and professional environment with La Ventana staff who are trained in recovery and have dedicated their lives to helping people just like you. You will connect with this staff and join what we call the “La Ventana Family” as you discuss your life’s journey in our program.

You will learn more about yourself and who you are than you previously knew.

You will make friends and learn that you can trust people.

You will gain insight and education on the disease of addiction, how to cope with it, and most of all how to move your life into a healthy one with positive decisions and relationships.