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Thank you for joining our community. This is a space where we are embraced for who we are. This is a space where it is ok to struggle, it is ok to need help and support. This is a space where we lean into our discomfort with the knowledge that the place where we grow most, is outside of our comfort zone. Most importantly, this is a space where it is safe to be vulnerable, where we know that the pain we share, connects us. This is a space where we practice compassion and self-forgiveness while at the same time pushing ourselves to learn how to become better and acquire more effective coping skills. At La Ventana we know that speaking about it takes the power out of it. The more I talk my feelings out, the less I have to act them out. La Ventana means “The Window." We challenge you to allow yourself to be a window here. We invite you to open yourself up to new perspectives. We challenge you to tap into the courage to allow yourself to be transparent, allowing your true self to be seen. At La Ventana we invite you to be a window AND a mirror. We want to hear your reflections and feedback. Your voice is an important part of our community. It is through seeing our own reflections bouncing back to us from each member of the group that we get to see ourselves more clearly and discover that though we may continue to struggle, we are not alone. Together we grow from that struggle. Together we strive toward emotional and psychological wellness. Together we heal our wounds and empower our voices. Welcome to La Ventana!
– Sam Pow, Adolescent Program Director

This is a space where it is ok to struggle, it is ok to need help and support.
– Sam Pow
Adolescent Program Director

Partial Hospitalization Program

Intensive Outpatient Program
(after school IOP)







We Understand


La Ventana has developed a dual diagnosis treatment program that deeply validates the struggles of those seeking help. We understand psychological health concerns, substance use, and the need to collaboratively support the whole person on the journey to their best life. Mental health and co-occurring disorders treatment with La Ventana provides revolutionary multi-faceted approaches to healing for searching souls.