Treatment is just the beginning: La Ventana alumni are part of a community that celebrates and supports all aspects of recovery. For many, returning home from treatment is the hardest part. The support of a recovery community provides invaluable help and direction along the way.

The La Ventana Alumni Association is committed to providing this critical support for every member of the extended La Ventana family. Our alumni members are dedicated to supporting those who have begun the journey of recovery and their families. Our alumni events, private online community forums, and weekly community support groups continue beyond the end of treatment.

As an alumni, you will receive information on the many activities supported by La Ventana that are exclusively for our staff, clients, alumni, and their family. You will receive the support and friendship of the many people who have chosen La Ventana for their recovery and continued a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage you to keep in touch with those who shared their treatment with you and many have made life long friends with those who shared the miracle of recovery together as well as those who came before them and after them in their own recovery.

As alumni, we encourage you to participate in the activities and provide hope and strength to those who are just entering the first levels of treatment. You may come to speak about your experience with current clients as well as share your life with our La Ventana family.

We also have several alumni who have chosen to come back and are now working at La Ventana as staff members and enjoying the gift of “giving back” to those who are in need. This is a tremendous opportunity and we encourage alumni who seek a career in treatment to contact us for opportunities.

You will always have the “La Ventana Family” at your side for support, friendship, and encouragement as one of our privileged alumni.