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Alcohol Detox Timeline

Alcohol Detox Timeline

At Royal Life Centers, our team of clinicians offers around-the-clock clinical care during the alcohol detox timeline and ensures our patients' safe and speedy recovery.

Alcohol withdrawal and detox timeline

Typically, withdrawal symptoms begin within 6 - 8 hours after your last drink and reach the peak within 2-3 days later. In most cases, the withdrawal cycle lasts for 7 - 10 days. Your symptoms will typically begin with sweating, irritability, and nausea, which are the first set of side-effects experienced by patients during the initial 12 hours of quitting alcohol.

Your blood pressure and heartbeat will accelerate during the first 12-24 hours, pairing with insomnia and tremors as the most commonly reported symptoms in this timeframe. As the symptoms worsen in the next 24 to 48 hours, individuals experience seizures, hallucinations, delirium tremens, and other psychological side effects. You must join one of our reputed alcohol detox treatment centers to overcome the withdrawal phase safely. At our alcohol abuse disorder treatment center, we create customized detox plans to ensure our patients with a supportive and comfortable rehab environment.

What is alcohol withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal is a collection of symptoms that recovering addicts experience once they quit drinking. The withdrawal symptoms can be mild or severe, depending upon the addiction's severity, the substance used, etc. While individuals suffering from a mild level of alcohol addiction conditions make it through the withdrawal phase without adverse health complications, heavy drinkers must undergo medically-assisted detox for a safe recovery.

When alcoholics quit drinking cold-turkey, their body can shock the nervous system leading to withdrawal shortly into the process. The withdrawal symptoms will not only be dangerous to your physical and mental health but also make it difficult for you to overcome addiction. Make sure to detox from alcohol from a leading rehab once you decide to quit alcohol.

What are the side-effects of alcohol detox?

The side effects of alcohol detox can appear in two phases during the detoxification process. These include:

Phase 1: Acute withdrawal

This phase usually begins within a few hours of ceasing consumption and can continue for several days or weeks. Some of the side effects that may occur during this phase include anxiety, visual and auditory hallucinations, convulsions, whole-body tremor, insomnia, etc. The symptoms may vary between patients depending on their addiction's severity, co-occurring disorders, and other specifics.

Phase 2: Early abstinence

During this second phase of the detox procedure, patients can continue to experience the side-effects for several months. At this point, your brain gradually begins to self-regulate and adapt to normal functioning. Some of the side-effects that recovery patients experience during this post-acute withdrawal stage include restlessness, insomnia, diminished appetite, mood swings, depression, etc.

Get in touch with one of us at Royal Life Centers at 877-recovery/877-732-6837. We ensure that our patients experience minimal pain or discomfort during the alcohol detox timeline with personalized care and customized treatment plans. You can now overcome alcohol dependency by making a simple phone call; act today!

Alcohol Detox Timeline

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Alcohol Detox Timeline