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Drug Rehab Desert View Highlands

Drug Rehab Desert View Highlands

Only about 10 percent of Americans with alcohol and drug use disorders receive treatment. The rest battle addiction on their own, endangering their health, safety, relationships, and multiple aspects of their lives. Reasons for failure to attend addiction treatment vary and include the cost of rehab, fear of judgment, and uncertainty of where to get help. Others live in denial about their addiction and cannot accept they need professional help.

When faced with such challenges, talking to a trustworthy rehab center can help clear any doubts, build confidence, and pinpoint affordable programs for your treatment. At New Day Rehab Center, we provide outpatient treatment, IOP, and inpatient programs for drug rehab in Desert View Highlands. Our staff is ready to answer questions you may have about seeking 'addiction counseling near me.'

Our Services, Including Inpatient, Outpatient, and IOP

The range of programs we offer for addiction evaluations and treatment in Desert View Highlands allows us to serve guests with varied recovery needs. Our premier inpatient treatment is suitable for people with severe addictions. Serious addiction usually results from using high amounts of a certain drug for prolonged periods.

Guests on this program spend 30 days at our facility, receiving detox and rehab services while being closely monitored. You’ll have access to therapists, counselors, and medical personnel who will oversee your detoxification and recovery every day.

The amenities at our rehab center create a home-like feeling and ensure your comfort. We will also keep you engaged in games and outdoor activities that contribute to your wholesome recovery.

Our Outpatient Services

If you need advanced care but cannot stay at our facility, we offer IOP. When you take part in our intensive outpatient program, you’ll see your Desert View Highlands addiction therapist several times a week. This is during individual therapy sessions where you will discuss issues related to your substance use disorder and recovery.

Further, you will also receive unexcelled Desert View Highlands addiction counseling with an experienced alcohol and drug counselor, where you'll learn how to navigate various challenges in life. The aim of our therapy and counseling sessions is to arm you with the skills required to live a sober life without giving in to the temptations to use again.

Our outpatient treatment in Desert View Highlands is the least intensive of our programs. This means that it doesn’t take as much time as residential treatment and IOP. However, it also involves detox, counseling, and therapy.

Outpatient treatment is ideal for you if you have been through either our residential or intensive outpatient program and have made tremendous improvements in your recovery. Our outpatient rehab allows you to reintegrate into society and go on with your daily responsibilities while still receiving support from our top addiction treatment specialists.

Best in Class Alcohol and Drug Rehab

One of our roles as a leading addiction treatment facility is identifying the right treatment program and plan for you. From us, you can expect a thorough assessment to determine your detox and rehab needs. This will enable us to provide second to none, personalized services from our drug rehab in Desert View Highlands. Contact New Day Rehab Centers for the best addiction counseling and treatment in town: (877) 734-2244.

Drug Rehab Desert View Highlands

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Drug Rehab Desert View Highlands