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Intervention Philadelphia

Intervention Philadelphia

We started the Addiction Treatment Group to provide a service of intervention in Philadelphia. We prepare families of drug and alcohol abuse victims to formulate a determined plan to speak out loud and find a new option for a healthy life. We can help you fight this disease.

What day is ‘Intervention’ on A&E?

Intervention airs on A&E on Tuesdays, at 9 p.m. Intervention is a reality series based on the struggle of addicts and how their addiction affects the people around them. This series operates in Philadelphia, and each episode follows one or two people with a substance abuse problem and the inevitable intervention by an interventionist, like us.

The addicts go through the challenge to either stay for a 90-day all-expenses-paid treatment plan or risk losing everything they’ve known forever, including their friends and family. Every episode has a cast, including the addict, their family and friends, and the specialists helping them. Our list of specialists includes Ken Seeley, Jeff VanVonderen, Candy Finnigan, John Southworth, Sylvia Parsons, and many others who joined us during our later seasons.

Saving lives with family interventions

You understand that there is a pain, and you can no longer tolerate losing the one you love, so you try and help them by conducting an intervention. Intervention is a process of creating positive change in your life. First of all, you must create a formal team so you can lead the addict to their recovery process.

Many people believe that the end goal of intervention is to lead the addict into treatment, but this is not the only goal of an intervention. The ultimate goal is to bring awareness, stop the enabling process, and set some boundaries for the addict so they won’t relapse.

Plan an intervention

You won’t be successful if you suddenly corner the addict and demand they quit drugs right away. Ask for help for intervention in Philadelphia, so you can better understand the ultimate goal of your response.

Plan an intervention by creating a formal team, deciding location, time, and date. You can also practice the intervention before the actual one, so you appear more confident and dedicated to the addict's problems. This way, they won’t be able to find a way out of the intervention easily. 

Need for a professional intervention

You can hire a professional for a successful intervention because what needs to change first is the family and their mindset. You have tried numerous times to help your loved one get rid of their addiction, and yes, they sometimes listen to you and get some help. But they return to their old ways in no time after rehab.

Intervention in Philadelphia is not about giving speeches and blaming addicts for ruining their lives. It’s about changing families and offering them hope for a better and healthier life. Professional intervention is a must to help not only the addict but the family as well. So choose Addiction Treatment Group as your professional help towards a better future for your family.

Intervention Philadelphia
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Intervention Philadelphia