Addiction is a chronic neurobiological disease where the pleasure, motivation, and reward centers of the brain form pathological circuitry related to substance abuse. The disease of addiction not only affects the body, but it also creates illness in the mind and the spirit. 


La Ventana’s approach to substance abuse treatment is holistic, individually tailored, and grounded in evidence-based research. Our multidisciplinary team expertly craft treatment plans that include psychiatric and medical care; individual, family, and group psychotherapy.

We offer all levels of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction: medically-managed residential Sub-Acute Detoxification Services, Residential Treatment Centers (RTC), Full Day Treatment Programs (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programs (Afternoon and Evening IOP), Outpatient Services, highly structured Transitional Living, and gender specific Sober Living Environments (SLE’s). La Ventana believes that continuity of care creates the best recovery practice, and addiction outcome research agrees.

Services we offer:

  • Low staff to client ratio
  • Psychiatry
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Psychodrama therapy
  • Family immersion therapy

I find our experiential therapies essential to working with clients who have experienced trauma. Art therapy allows them to access emotions and experiences they are unable to give voice to in therapy; movement therapy and yoga allow them to reconnect to their bodies in a safe, joyful space; ecotherapy allow clients to connect with something larger than themselves and find peace. Every experiential modality allows healing to occur.

-Primary Therapist, Substance Use Program

Clients are provided the unique opportunity to address all aspects of their physical recovery during treatment. 

A client’s need for psychotropic medication is assessed and, if necessary, prescribed by a board-certified psychiatrist, specializing in addiction.

Our mindfulness groups and walking practices, nature hikes, and health-enhancing exercise program allow moments of natural and somatic connection.


We offer a comprehensive treatment program with

  • individual therapy
  • family immersion
  • group psychotherapy sessions
  • case management
  • twelve-step and other recovery models and meetings
  • mixed and gender-specific process groups
  • experiential therapies.

We teach the neurobiology of the addiction cycle in our group and family work to demystify the disease and aid recovery. Our approach focuses on the underlying trauma(s), and possible co-occurring disorders to pave the way for long-term recovery.


Authentic connection and community are the foundational principles of our treatment philosophy. 

We believe that to have a life free from addiction, clients must develop membership in a community that permits individuality, creativity, spontaneity, and joy. 

Our staff work one-on-one with clients to find sponsorship and a recovery community that meets their belief system.


Many clients arrive in treatment after years of active addiction, in lives dominated by the compulsion of substance abuse and lack of connection with others.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation lead clients to a place of authenticity, empathy, and respect as they learn to reconnect with their spirituality and the world, using whichever belief system they find truth in.


Health and recovery require all types of nourishment: food for the mind, the spirit, and the body.

Addiction dampens the natural relationship between food and self; our program reintegrates clients to their body’s cues and needs through daily education and community meals.