At La Ventana, we understand that certain populations in society have specific issues in their recovery.

La Ventana provides innovative substance abuse treatment that addresses the illness instead of focusing on the symptoms. We offer all levels of gender-specific treatment for drug and alcohol addiction: medically-managed residential Sub-Acute Detoxification Services, Residential Treatment (RTC), Full Day Treatment Programs (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programs (afternoon and evening IOP), highly structured transitional living, and Sober Living Environments (SLE).

Our program includes a strong base of individual, family, and group psychotherapy; treatment from a specialist in Addiction Psychiatry, a three-day family immersion program, and long-term aftercare planning. Group offerings include Twelve-Step recovery concepts; Refuge Recovery tools; Smart Recovery theories; NA, AA, and CODA models; mindfulness and meditation tools, safety skills; relapse prevention; nutritional counseling; and experiential therapies. The experiential modalities include Trauma-Informed Yoga, Equine Therapy, and Music Therapy. Individualized treatment planning allows for effective treatment and paves the way for long-term health and recovery.

We treat our clients as individuals offering diversified treatment with defined goals for specific needs.

  • Mature Adult
  • Integrated Program
  • Gender Specific Housing
  • Gender Specific Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Family Concerns
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Trauma
  • Cultural Issues
  • Sexual Concerns