Residential Detoxification Facility licensed for Incidental Medical Services

Our12-bed medically managed sub-acute residential detoxification facilities provide the highest standard of personal and physical care. 

The experienced and credentialed staff provide a nurturing and structured environment to ensure a safe and comfortable withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Our Addiction Specialist Physician coordinates twenty-four-hour client care, and may prescribe medication to ensure a safe withdrawal from substances.


We Understand Withdrawal From:
La Ventana’s beautiful homes provide the peaceful environment conducive to the beginning of treatment. Our Detox team has over 200 years of collective recovery: we understand the trauma of the cycle of addiction and can meet clients where they are at with respect and empathy. We provide superior medical care, safety, comfort, and unconditional love during the detoxification process. Our team has been there, they get it.

Our fully licensed Detox Facility provides:

  • Small, intimate setting
  • Door-to-door service
  • Affordable cost for those without insurance
  • Accommodation for clients’ needs prior to treatment at any facility