For clients who have completed the program and wish to live in a supportive sober environment La Ventana offers our gender specific sober living houses.

Staying sober following treatment is an essential part of recovery and the La Ventana sober living houses provide support, encouragement, camaraderie, and a lifestyle conducive to long term recovery.

Staying clean after treatment can be difficult and the La Ventana sober living houses provide an essential transition from the structured living in treatment to the challenges we all face in life. This first step following treatment gives La Ventana alumni a living environment that is conducive to recovery and staying sober.

Isolation and boredom are issues many face following treatment and the The La Ventana sober living houses provide a network of friends, family, and community to address those triggers that sometimes cause people to relapse. Cooking together, attending AA meetings and social events together and providing support to everyone in the house makes our sober living residents a foundation for continued and lasting recovery.