adult treatment programAddiction is often associated with today’s youth as society reaches out to save our children and provide a healthy future for them.

This Societal focus on youth often overlooks the substance abuse epidemic among mature adults. Often, people just don’t associate addiction with mature adults.

At La Ventana we understand that mature adults have special needs within their recovery and we address these needs.

We offer a specific Mature Adult tract for those where life experiences and age differences produce a unique set of triggers, stresses, underlying causes, and trauma.

Clients enter the mature adult track for ages 30+ and La Ventana will address specific issues covering career, family, health , and other life transition concerns. The specialized groups will help a mature adult in recovery learn to move forward and cope with life’s issues affecting them as they age.

Specific issues in the mature adult tract include but are not limited to:

  • grief/ loss
  • trauma
  • medical issues (diabetes, heart disease, weight gain with aging etc).
  • divorce
  • adult children
  • starting over/ reinventing themselves
  • Sexual issues affecting people as they mature
  • Gender Specific issues with gender specific groups.
  • Aging Parents
  • Physical health
  • Career