As a patient, parent, loved one, family member, or friend we understand that choosing the right treatment facility is one of the most important decisions you will make. When you arrive at La Ventana you become part of our “family” and feel the warmth and compassion emanating from our dedicated professional staff. Our motivation is to help you and our professional team does just that.

We provide state-of-the-art, individually tailored, and holistic treatment for those struggling with the full spectrum of chemical dependency and mental health. Our comprehensive and innovative treatment philosophy is based upon our understanding of the complex and progressive nature of substance use disorder and mental illness. Instead of focusing on the symptoms, we treat the person and the underlying issues that have led to the harmful behaviors.

Our individualized approach honors all aspects of our clients’ lives, stories, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment conducive to recovery and a deep level of personal growth. We do not place our focus on symptoms; rather, we provide treatment, support, and guidance to the individual client and their family. We care. We get it.

Many individuals in recovery face multiple problems at the same time, often there are co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, self harming behaviors, or mood disorders that need to be addressed. While at La Ventana Treatment Programs, clients work with a clinical team that specialize in these issues, as well as complex trauma and challenges specific to each individual client. Our treatment team includes physicians who specialize in addiction, psychiatrists, doctoral and master’s level clinicians specialty trained in trauma,  licensed therapists, dietitians, and certified drug and alcohol addiction counselors. Our specialists collaborate to ensure that healing is taking place – both physically and emotionally.

Over the course of treatment, our clients learn to effectively manage their lives (sleep, stress, diet, work, family). We teach clients how to minimize conflict, identify their symptoms early on, know when they need more support and utilize friends and family as valuable resources.

Most or all of your treatment may be covered by insurance. Contact La Ventana to learn more about insurance and financing. We have locations in Southern California and staff willing to answer your questions. We want to help, and we’ll work with you to make recovery accessible.

Mental Illness. We get it.