buffy schlesinger

With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, Buffy is excited to be a part of the La Ventana family!  Buffy’s career has always been about connecting with people – getting to the true human layer that connects us all.  She began her career in outplacement consulting, working with folks who were transitioning between careers and needed a lot of extra TLC and encouragement.  She then landed in pharmaceutical sales where she got to bring her love of helping others into the medical arena.  By way of educating physicians, nurses and their medical staff about the pharmaceutical regimens she had the honor of representing, she was able to make an impact in patients’ lives.

After almost a decade, she then continued her career in medical sales on a much smaller scale, working on various projects in different arenas:  audiology, Durable Medical Equipment, and mental health programs.  Once again, she was able to use her real love of people and the differences we all have to connect and make a difference for patients.

Most recently, Buffy went through her own personal journey and change and discovered the magic of bikram yoga and meditation.  She saw how powerful it could be to be present, turn inward, and face her own issues and manage them head-on instead of turning away from them.  This awareness combined with her genuine love for people and connection is what makes Buffy an integral part of our team.

Other than the people I love and my precious pups (Chips and Oz), there is nothing more important to me than recovery, my recovery and the recovery of those in need. As a teenager, before I had even reached the legal drinking age I became a resident at the newly opened Betty Ford treatment program in Rancho Mirage. This experience changed my life forever. My newly found life in sobriety brought a smile to my face and gave me a twinkle in my eye. It gave me love in my heart and I  found myself repeatedly discovering that all things were possible. However, while my life was full and I was in the throes of a successful career, it was in 2009 when I realized something was missing. I wanted and needed a more meaningful career path, one that filled my heart and soul; however, I had no idea what that looked like. It seemed that it was time to do a little soul searching. After months of prayer and meditation, I attended a Memorial Day party at a friend’s house and spent the better part of the afternoon talking to her 20-year-old daughter about treatment and sobriety. As I walked away from that discussion, I had an epiphany. The thing I am most passionate about is helping people who are struggling with addiction to find and get the help they need. Again, I didn’t know how that translated into a career; I just knew there was something there. A couple of weeks later, I came across an admissions position at a young adult treatment center. That was 5 years ago. I have been in the field of recovery ever since. My heart has never been so full. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than connecting families and those fraught with addiction with the resources they need.  My position at La Ventana not only allows me to introduce our program to families and those seeking help for themselves, but it also gives me the ability to present our services to countless professionals, facilities and institutions who have direct contact with so many who are in need. La Ventana has given me the platform to reach more people than I ever imagined.
Prior to joining La Ventana, I was employed at Sober College, a young adult rehabilitation program. During this time, I had the opportunity to collaborate with La Ventana on many occasions. Since we shared many clients I saw firsthand the treatment and level of care La Ventana’s team provided our clients. Through these experiences, La Ventana earned my deepest respect and trust. Over the course of the last 5 years, I fell in love with the entire LV leadership and clinical teams and they became my extended family. When Sober College opted to close their doors, my LV extended family reached out to let me know that I had a home at LV if I wanted it. How could I say no? Not only do I work with people I adore, but I am also blessed with doing that which brings me tremendous joy!