La Ventana Philososphy

La Ventana Philosophy

Our Innovative Approach

At La Ventana Treatment Center, our innovative approach to addiction treatment is designed to address the underlying causes that may contribute to challenges faced by those struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism and mental health issues.

We understand the complexity and progressive nature of drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues. Our individualized approach offers a continuum of care including Residential Detoxification, Residential Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Day Treatment for all programs, and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for all programs. We also offer Structured Client Housing for those clients who live in other parts of the country.


Our Signature Integrated Treatment Program

The best clinical outcomes for mental health clients who also face substance abuse issues come from treating all symptoms, and the underlying psychological causes, concurrently. Our integrated treatment addresses this need. Our intake process includes comprehensive physical, psychological, dietary, and addiction assessments that allow our multidisciplinary team to tailor concurrent addiction and mental health treatment. This integrated treatment addresses the intersection of substance abuse behavior and mental health symptoms, teaching clients to become mindful of behavioral patterns and gain the tools to prevent future relapses.

Many individuals in recovery face multiple problems at the same time, often there are concurring issues such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-harming behaviors, or mood disorders that need to be addressed. While at La Ventana Treatment Programs, clients work with a clinical team that specializes in these issues, as well as complex trauma and challenges specific to each individual client. Our treatment team includes physicians who specialize in addiction, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, dieticians, and certified drug and alcohol addiction counselors. Our specialists collaborate to ensure that healing is taking place – both physically and emotionally.