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Steve Zamarripa, MBA

In September of 2007, Steve Zamarripa, MBA, redefined what success meant for him. In his personal quest to do something good in the world and find greater meaning and fulfillment he founded La Ventana Treatment Programs. The company is soon to celebrate ten years of treating those who suffer from substance abuse and mental health conditions. In 2012, Steve met Diahann Klein, LMFT, and recognized a kindred spirit, one who believed in promoting the responsible search for truth and meaning within the recovery field. Both had been financially successful and found simply chasing money to be an empty path; both had found meaningful work in the recovery field. They had professional and personal experience to drawn upon – Steve had built several successful businesses and grew up within a family system of addiction while Diahann had helped build, run and sell a prominent treatment center. Both wanted to provide the highest quality of care to others who suffered from such devastating, debilitating and deadly disorders. The partnership of Steve and Diahann became the foundation of the La Ventana family of intelligent, talented and compassionate staff. The partners have stood in the same place of despair and fear that all of their clients and their families experience – They get it.

Our team – from the partners to the clinicians to the maintenance staff – all have a profound understanding of the recovery experience which allows them to deeply hold space between themselves and the client. It is in this very space where clients gain trust and change manifests,” says Diahann Klein, CEO.

Aligned in their mission, Steve and Diahann made several strategic decisions to position La Ventana as a state-of-the-art treatment center offering expert and evidence-based medical and clinical care, individually tailored treatment, and the depth of compassionate care that is La Ventana’s truly extraordinary signature. As part of La Ventana’s comprehensive model of care, they can now say they are one of the only treatment centers worldwide to be able to offer a complete continuum of care, covering all stages of recovery for both substance abuse and mental health. La Ventana offers Detoxification and Residential Treatment Centers (RTC), Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), and structured, gender-specific Transitional and Sober Living Environments. Due to the complexities of addiction and mental health, La Ventana believes that not only is the complete continuum of care desirable, but rather it is a crucial component in order to heal and sustain long-lasting recovery.

La Ventana’s Programs are positioned amidst some of the most desirable and coveted geography in the world. The eleven locations are immersed between the Southern California scenic coasts of the Santa Monica Beaches, the rolling hills of Thousand Oaks, and the rising Knolls and arroyos of Agoura Hills, California. Each location is beautifully and intentionally composed of the ambiance and privacy pivotal to treatment. The intimate settings embody peace and serenity, and the very low staff to client ratio allows for knowledgeable, committed and compassionate staff (many who have traveled these very roads) to be ever-present, providing personalized care along with hope and inspiration. Staff are attuned to the intricacies of treatment and breathe the language of recovery, encouraging and supporting clients as they build a solid foundation for an invigorating new life.

Whether a client is struggling to overcome chemical dependency, mental health issues, or any combination of the aforementioned, La Ventana’s seasoned, expert and multi-disciplinary treatment teams are dedicated to a holistic clinical model. Their model focuses on treating the whole person, carefully considering the body, mind and spirit in addressing the underlying patterns, beliefs and negative thinking that have led to these destructive behaviors. The staff treat each client with respect and honor the dignity of the clients’ process, creating a safe and supportive space where clients begin to gain trust as they address all aspects of their lives, stories and experiences. Staff meet each client where they are at, guiding them to the understanding of the “why” at the root of their behaviors which, in turn, allows them to cultivate deep emotional and personal growth.

The common thread that binds all of La Ventana’s Treatment Programs is Authentic Living. La Ventana’s mission is to collaborate with their clients in cultivating a fully engaged life, filled with freedom, purpose and JOY, transcending the mere absence of symptoms. The team strives to empower clients to experience meaning and true connection with themselves and others, and to develop healthy life skills in order to thrive in the world.


Steve Zamarripa, MBA, Chairman


Steve Zamarripa, MBA

Steve’s Story: Born and raised in Southern California, Steve earned his BA from USC and his MBA from Columbia University. Steve had launched, grown and sold several highly successful businesses over the years and began to realize what he thought was the American dream – independence and abundance amidst an early retirement. Once that dream materialized Steve became increasingly aware of profound emptiness and felt something essential in his life was missing. He craved a life of more substance, where he could give back and make a difference, and so began his journey inward in search of meaning and connection.

During his self-reflection, Steve began to gain insight into the profound impact his family of origin experiences had had on his development and, in turn, his ability to have meaningful connections with others. The lives of his father, grandfather, and uncles were fraught with alcoholism and addiction and his mother had suffered an eating disorder that contributed to her early death. With his primary caregivers living in the grips of addiction and an eating disorder, Steve was left to fend for himself in a household full of fear and dysfunction. As an adult, despite his best efforts to change the intergenerational patterns of dysfunction that he experienced, Steve saw his own familial relationships continue to suffer. In 2007 Steve had a spiritual awakening when he realized he had been living only as a survivor. This realization in conjunction with inspiration from his personal experiences manifested a desire to create a place to help, a peaceful place for people to heal. La Ventana Treatment Programs became that place: a home for professionals deeply invested in the recovery process, and a place for those suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues to find help and long-term recovery. La Ventana is held up by a stellar staff that carries the same passion for recovery and service that Steve does. With the birth of La Ventana Treatment Programs, Steve has found a way to give back to the world, fulfilling his passion to help others live long and prosperous lives.


Diahann Klein, LMFT, CEO


Diahann Klein, MA, LMFT

Diahann’s Story: Diahann grew up in New York, the daughter of a union president and high school math and chemistry teachers, within a household that respected academic achievement and social and political activism. Working hard to live up to what she interpreted as the highest of her familial and societal standards, she catapulted forward daily in a relentless pursuit of perfectionism and accomplishment. Diahann graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science and Music from Middlebury College in Vermont, and she studied at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the London School of Economics and Political Science. She went on to pursue careers in politics, real estate, and entertainment in NYC and Los Angeles. She found financial success and her life on paper appeared to be one of abundance. Simultaneously, she was desperately attempting to navigate a progressively debilitating eating disorder with secrecy and shame. She was using anything she could consume in an attempt to fill a void for which there would never be enough. Eventually, she ended up in treatment, catapulted into a journey inward. Her ensuing life in recovery led her to get an MA in Psychology from Antioch University and to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Thereafter, she became immersed in the substance abuse and mental health treatment worlds.

Diahann offers a unique combination of extensive clinical and executive experience along with a personal connection to recovery in all aspects of her leadership. At the helm of the La Ventana team, she is the face of the company externally, and internally inspires and empowers staff at all eleven locations, while coordinating effective and client-focused care.

Diahann says, “Witnessing and facilitating the healing process is what drives, inspires, and sustains (her) in every aspect of (her) day-to-day work.”

Her plans for La Ventana’s growth and expansion have been in alignment with her profound understanding of the complexities of addiction and mental health, supporting her commitment to comprehensive care and further advancement of ethical practices and professional standards.

Diahann also serves the greater addiction and mental health communities at large in various advocacy, advisory, and Board positions. She is an active member of International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp), and is immediate Past President of the Los Angeles Chapter. She held a board position on the Women’s Association of Addiction Treatment (WAAT), San Fernando Valley Chapter, and is also a member of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT) and the Academy of Eating Disorders (AED). In her various Board positions, she has developed addiction and mental health educational workshops, intervention and awareness campaigns, and high-level professional training for practitioners.

“There is hope. There is help. This is the message I want clients to hear. Our team has a profound understanding of the recovery experience which allows them to deeply hold space between themselves and the client. It is in this very space where clients gain trust and change manifests.”–Diahann Klein, CEO