• Steve Zamarripa, MBA
    Steve Zamarripa, MBA
    President/Chairman of the Board
  • Diahann Klein, MA, LMFT
    Diahann Klein, MA, LMFT
    Chief Executive Officer
Steve and Diahann understand that they are only as good as their team and that there is no substitute for experience. In turn, they have worked hard to acquire the most talented, seasoned and passionate treatment professionals in the field. They are immensely proud of the La Ventana multi-disciplinary treatment team which consists of some of the most dedicated, compassionate and highly trained treatment professionals, perfectly poised to treat those struggling with mental health, chemical dependency and co-occurring issues. The client-to-staff ratio is low so as to be able to offer depth of personal connection, individualized support, and accountability at every step. The staff are a close knit team in constant communication, hypervigilant about each client’s unique needs upon admission, throughout their stay, and after they launch back into life. The staff understand the clinical interventions and overall care required for a successful treatment experience as well as the aftercare planning necessary to be able to sustain long-term recovery. Once a client admits, they genuinely become part of the La Ventana family and staff will do everything in their power to not let their family member fall.
  • Dr. Carol Kiriakos, MD
    Dr. Carol Kiriakos, MD
    Medical Director, Substance Abuse Programs
  • Dr. Lisa Benya D.O.
    Dr. Lisa Benya D.O.
    Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Craig Smith M.D.
    Dr. Craig Smith M.D.
    Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Darren Lipshitz M.D.
    Dr. Darren Lipshitz M.D.
    Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Wiliam D. Stanley M.D.
    Dr. Wiliam D. Stanley M.D.
    Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Ericka Hofmeyer, PhD, LMFT
    Dr. Ericka Hofmeyer, PhD, LMFT
    Clinical Program Director
  • Sharon Volner, LMFT
    Sharon Volner, LMFT
    Clinical Director, Thousand Oaks Substance Abuse & Mental Health
  • Gwendolyn Casella
    Gwendolyn Casella
    Director of Detox & CD Programs
  • Karla Barnett, LMFT
    Karla Barnett, LMFT
    Clinical Director, Thousand Oaks Mental Health Programs
  • Kristi Kettle
    Kristi Kettle
    Director of Clinical Outreach
  • Shannon Hagen
    Shannon Hagen
    Admissions Administrator
  • Jessica Paul
    Jessica Paul
    Admissions Administrator
  • Kere Blair, LMFT
    Kere Blair, LMFT
    Clinical Director, Santa Monica Programs
  • Sarah Gallop, MA, LMFT, ATR
    Sarah Gallop, MA, LMFT, ATR
    Clinical Director, Santa Monica Adolescent Programs
  • Sam Pow, LCSW
    Sam Pow, LCSW
    Therapist, Thousand Oaks Adolescent Programs
  • Carrie Massi
    Carrie Massi
    CD Program Manager
  • Christine Kelly
    Christine Kelly
    Residential Detox Manager
  • Melany Shulman
    Melany Shulman
    Mental Health Housing Manager
  • Paige O’Shea, MS, LMFT
    Paige O’Shea, MS, LMFT
    Therapist, Mental Health Programs
  • Jeff Welch, AMFT
    Jeff Welch, AMFT
    Therapist, Mental Health Programs
  • Wendy Roehr, AMFT
    Wendy Roehr, AMFT
    Therapist, CD Programs
  • Carrie Simmons, AMFT-CADC-II
    Carrie Simmons, AMFT-CADC-II
    Therapist, Mental Health Programs
  • J. Cuervo Sosa, AMFT-CADC-II
    J. Cuervo Sosa, AMFT-CADC-II
    Therapist, Mental Health Programs
  • Jennifer Enriquez, LMFT
    Jennifer Enriquez, LMFT
  • Yesenia Cruz Mendoza, AMFT
    Yesenia Cruz Mendoza, AMFT
  • John Mews, NMT, MA, MFTI
    John Mews, NMT, MA, MFTI
    Music Therapist
  • Christine Griffin
    Christine Griffin
  • Lahila Oppenheimer
    Lahila Oppenheimer
    Sound Bath Healer
  • Jimena Tobon
    Jimena Tobon
    Yoga Instructor