• Steve Zamarripa, MBA
    Steve Zamarripa, MBA
    President/Chairman of the Board

La Ventana Treatment Programs knows we are only as good as our team and there is no substitute for experience. 

We have worked hard to acquire the most talented, seasoned and passionate treatment professionals in the field.

  • Dr. Carol Kiriakos, MD
    Dr. Carol Kiriakos, MD
    Medical Director
  • Diahann Klein, MA, LMFT
    Diahann Klein, MA, LMFT
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Lorraine Kaiser, MBA
    Lorraine Kaiser, MBA
    Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer
  • Sharon Volner, LMFT
    Sharon Volner, LMFT
    Chief Clinical Officer
  • Dr. Lisa Benya D.O.
    Dr. Lisa Benya D.O.
    Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Darren Lipshitz M.D.
    Dr. Darren Lipshitz M.D.
    Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Craig Smith M.D.
    Dr. Craig Smith M.D.
    Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Wiliam D. Stanley M.D.
    Dr. Wiliam D. Stanley M.D.
    Medical Doctor
  • Jennifer Enriquez, LMFT
    Jennifer Enriquez, LMFT
    Clinical Director, Women's Mental Health Residential
  • Sam Pow, LCSW
    Sam Pow, LCSW
    Clinical Director, Mental Health Residential
  • Karla Barnett, LMFT
    Karla Barnett, LMFT
    Clinical Director, Thousand Oaks Mental Health Programs
  • Kere Blair, LMFT
    Kere Blair, LMFT
    Clinical Director, Santa Monica Programs
  • Gwendolyn Casella
    Gwendolyn Casella
    Director of Detox & CD Programs
  • Sarah Gallop, MA, LMFT, ATR
    Sarah Gallop, MA, LMFT, ATR
    Clinical Director, Santa Monica Adolescent Programs