We know it’s difficult to decide on treatment, but we’re ready to support each client through the healing process. We build lasting relationships and communities to surround clients with the care and support needed through their journeys. Alumni activities are offered throughout the year.

See what our clients had to say about their experiences:


“This was a very safe and loving Detox environment. I am endlessly grateful to the staff and the way they share their experience, strength, and hope. The emotional highs and lows of Detox are brutal, and I was taken care of at every turn.”  -L.W.
“This has been the best experience in treatment I have ever had. All the staff are super supportive and caring.”  -M.D.
“I felt very tended to. I was kept comfortable in my withdrawals. I just love the staff here.”  -MV


“The staff is so caring and genuinely involved with our care and our welfare. I have found a new family through LV.”  -R.V.


“To all who enter here: you will be loved, you will be believed, you will be listened to. You will share and your heart will fill.” -LV Alumnus
“Thank you for bringing me back to life.” -LV Alumnus


“La Ventana is truly like no other treatment center I’ve been to. From the moment they opened the door I was being cared for, before even checking in and signing paperwork the staff showed me an immense amount of love and compassion. I couldn’t put a sentence together…I was so afraid and confused but the staff understood and made me feel that I had come home.”  -LV Alumni


“This was a very safe and loving detox environment and I am endlessly grateful to the staff and the way they share their experience, strength and hope. The emotional highs and lows of detox are the most brutal and I was taken care of at every turn.” – R.G.


“La Ventana, How can I ever thank you? When I first came here I had no voice and I felt like I did not want to live any more. The therapists and the program gave me new hope and an understanding of being alive. I am back in college and my academic life is great and my social life has started to blossom. I feel like a new person. Thank you for everything you did.”  -D.T.
“I’ve never felt so cared for in a treatment facility. I felt the staff truly personalized my treatment and catered to my individual needs. I felt safe and secure enough here to work on things I’ve never been able to before. LV is a great place to get your life back-you will have a team fighting for you and loving you until you can love yourself.” -LV Alumnus


“I loved working with my therapist. She provided  safe space for me where I felt cared for and known. She challenged and pushed me in a gentle manner and provided insight constantly during my stay.” -K.B.