La Ventana wants our clients to make educated, informed choices about their mental health treatments or addiction treatment in Thousand Oaks. In addition to the complimentary tours and assessments that we offer, we welcome feedback from current and former clients, regardless of whether the feedback is negative or positive. La Ventana welcomes criticisms and suggestions for improvement, as we constantly seek ways to provide high-quality, evidence-backed treatments for our clients.

Below are comments from previous clients:

  • La Ventana saved my son’s life. I cannot express enough gratitude for every person there. The staff is amazing. They became our family. The family weekend changed our lives forever. La Ventana supported us... read more

    Janell Merrick Avatar
    Janell M.

    The staff were very knowledgeable and caring at La Ventana Treatment Center Thousand Oaks. Learned a lot of tools to use in my recovery and established a strong foundation to stay clean and sober. Definitely... read more

    Brian Curtis Avatar
    Brian C.

    La Ventana Treatment Program is FABULOUS! A family member was a resident there recently. The facility / program is top-notch with a beautiful home environment. Communication and updates for the family was exceptional. Highly... read more

    Romy Kuhn Avatar
    Romy K.
  • Had a great experience in La Ventana Drug Rehab Thousand Oaks, Support workers were very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend them to anybody who going through addiction.

    Robert Dunlopez Avatar
    Robert D.

    From the first day I was at La Ventana Treatment Center in Thousand Oaks I was treated well. Between the therapists, counselors, case managers, I felt like I was truly cared about. Today I have... read more

    Jeff Wrightfert Avatar
    Jeff W.

    La Ventana Treatment Programs changed my life! All of the staff were very understanding, and made the patients feel comfortable the whole time. I recommended this place to anyone with substance abuse issue!

    Laurie Boone Avatar
    Laurie B.
  • This place was the key to saving my life 🙌🙏I can not thank this whole facility, and the caring staff for the new life I have now 💪💖Stay strong and open your mind to absorb... read more

    Gena Honings Avatar
    Gena H.

    When I first arrived at La Ventana Rehab in Thousand Oaks I felt as if I couldn't do anything, I was so weak. However with the help of the excellent therapy team I am now... read more

    Paul Cobbs Avatar
    Paul C.

    My alcohol addiction has greatly affected my family and friends. So, I took the big step of seeking help and thankfully I found La Ventana Treatment Programs facility in Thousand Oaks CA. The people here... read more

    Recovery Advocates Avatar
    Recovery A.
  • La Ventana Treatment Program has opened my eyes to where I unfortunately was in my life and has helped me grow into the person I am proud of today. Truly grateful for the staff teaching... read more

    John Ugeldo Avatar
    John U.

    La Ventana Addiction Treatment Center in Thousand Oaks was a life saver. The staff actually cares about you and are very helpful. They make you feel comfortable and helped set me on the right path!... read more

    Peter Parker Avatar
    Peter P.

    Passionate! Professional! Life changing!

    Sharon Volner Avatar
    Sharon V.
  • I would recommend to anyone who is struggling or has family or friends struggling with addiction

    Cynthia Salazar Avatar
    Cynthia S.

    5 star ratingThis program is AMAZING. I've been through quite a few MH programs and none of them helped me like LV did. They truly care about you and work with you daily to help... read more

    Kate F. Avatar
    Kate F.

    5 star ratingI have been to several treatment facilities, and I can say that La Ventana treatment facility, by far has been the best. The treatment team is so knowledgeable, especially about CBT and DBT. I can... read more

    Irish T. Avatar
    Irish T.
  • 5 star ratingCD Treatment at La Ventana is FIRST CLASS! The staff are so courteous, caring, and attentive. The therapists are educated down to earth and really understand addiction. So much alumni support so much family support!... read more

    Raquel V. Avatar
    Raquel V.

    5 star ratingLa Ventana and every single person that works there are the real deal. My son is a recovering addict and has been to various programs. NONE of them come close to La Ventana in skill... read more

    Jessica C. Avatar
    Jessica C.

    5 star ratingIt's difficult to know where to start to write a review for a place and staff that saved my life. On May 21, 2020 I will celebrate six years clean and that journey started... read more

    Laurie S. Avatar
    Laurie S.
  • 5 star ratingLa Ventana is the Best Treatment facility in the area! La Ventana staff are all very knowledgeable and credentialed to deliver the highest level of care and compassion to every client and their... read more

    Author In NY L. Avatar
    Author I.

    5 star ratingLa Ventana treatment programs- Life saving, best treatment!

    A safe supportive environment with loving staff who are compassionate in every way. 24 hour care in an amazing facility! Familes and inviduals are supported. If you...
    read more

    Heather H. Avatar
    Heather H.

    5 star ratingWhen I got here I had no idea what to expect. As time went by and I worked the program and did the things suggested of me and my life has transformwd into something beyond... read more

    Tony B. Avatar
    Tony B.
  • 5 star ratingIf you're looking for a facility for your loved one, I would not look any further. La Ventana has saved my family life. After my husband went to a VERY expensive treatment center... read more

    Kimberly C. Avatar
    Kimberly C.

    5 star ratingOmgosh. What a great place for people struggling during actual detox. The staff was beyond wonderful and caring. They really weren't faking it. I had my loved one in here and they... read more

    Krissy L. Avatar
    Krissy L.

    5 star ratingExtremely pleased with the attentiveness and compassion of the staff at La Ventana along with the amazing program offered. Highly recommended!

    R J. Avatar
    R J.
  • 5 star ratingWe found professional and compassionate care from the staff at La Ventana Treatment Programs when we sought treatment for our daughter who was struggling with an eating disorder. We were amazed and appreciative of... read more

    B-ray O. Avatar
    B-ray O.

    5 star ratingAfter spending the last two months at La Ventana, it is my pleasure to write this review. Excuse my windy-ness.

    I entered detox a fraction of the human I am today. I was scared, shameful,...
    read more

    Robert C. Avatar
    Robert C.

    5 star ratingFor clarification, I went to a residential La Ventana program, specifically the "Briar" women's house for mental health, which specializes in trauma. So my words are based on my experience at this specific place, but... read more

    Jezebel M. Avatar
    Jezebel M.
This has been the best experience in treatment I have ever had. All the staff are super supportive and caring.

– M.D.

I felt very tended to. I was kept comfortable in my withdrawals. I just love the staff here.

– M.V.

The staff is so caring and genuinely involved with our care and our welfare. I have found a new family through LV.

– R.V.

To all who enter here: you will be loved, you will be believed, you will be listened to. You will share and your heart will fill.

– LV Alumnus

I loved working with my therapist. She provided  safe space for me where I felt cared for and known. She challenged and pushed me in a gentle manner and provided insight constantly during my stay.
– K.B.
Music group has been extremely helpful for me personally, in regards to my mental health and social anxiety.

I have been singing my whole life but have been afraid to do so in front of more than one or two people. Every time I have gone up & sang [karaoke] in front of my peers, it feels as though another layer of my anxiety has shed off. It became easier to share in groups & meetings, in front of others, & just be more confident all-around in my everyday life.

It really does seem like more & more anxiety is lifted, each time that I have group, & now I look forward to it more so than other groups I have during the week. I am grateful for this group!

– LV Alumnus

It’s difficult to know where to start to write a review for a place and staff that saved my life. On May 21, 2020 I will celebrate six years clean and that journey started at La Ventana. I cannot praise the kindness of the staff enough. Lest you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m the alumni of many other detoxes in the greater Los Angeles area, this isn’t my first treatment attempt but it certainly, hopefully will be my last. Gwen, the detox director, is so wonderful and kind, and compassionate, and I was so broken and defeated, I received the love from the staff and all the technicians as well. The support that I received at La Ventana and the follow up are second to none. From the wonderful admissions department and Kristi Kettle, who referred me to the detox initially– I truly believe I would not be where I’m at today without the support I received at La Ventana.

– LV Alumnus

La Ventana is truly like no other treatment center I’ve been to. From the moment they opened the door I was being cared for, before even checking in and signing paperwork the staff showed me an immense amount of love and compassion. I couldn’t put a sentence together…I was so afraid and confused but the staff understood and made me feel that I had come home.

– LV Alumnus

This was a very safe and loving detox environment and I am endlessly grateful to the staff and the way they share their experience, strength and hope. The emotional highs and lows of detox are the most brutal and I was taken care of at every turn.

– R.G.

La Ventana, How can I ever thank you? When I first came here I had no voice and I felt like I did not want to live any more. The therapists and the program gave me new hope and an understanding of being alive. I am back in college and my academic life is great and my social life has started to blossom. I feel like a new person. Thank you for everything you did.

– D.T.

I’ve never felt so cared for in a treatment facility. I felt the staff truly personalized my treatment and catered to my individual needs. I felt safe and secure enough here to work on things I’ve never been able to before. LV is a great place to get your life back-you will have a team fighting for you and loving you until you can love yourself.

– LV Alumnus

Thank you for bringing me back to life.

-LV Alumnus

I look forward to Music in Recovery all week. I feel like the results for music group and group therapy are similar in so many ways. Emotional release, finding comfort outside of your comfort zone, and just gives therapy a really fun connotation. I thank you, La Ventana, for everything.

– LV Alumnus

Music Group has been extremely beneficial in my recovery as well as my mental health. It has allowed me to be comfortable with performance and getting out of my shell. This group has affected my personality in the most positive way. I believe it contributes to how I can comfortably share at meetings. This is my FAVORITE group and I hope it continues.

– LV Alumnus

In addition to feedback from previous and current clients, La Ventana makes its staff and facilities available for questions, tours, and assessments. Please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out our online form, calling us at (800) 560-8518, or emailing us at admissions@laventanatreatment.com.

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