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Substance Use Disorder

Addiction is a chronic neurobiological disorder which negatively affects a person’s entire being. The brain is compromised due to its pathological circuitry distorting motivation, pleasure, and reward sensations to trigger and maintain addictive behaviors. The substances that the person intakes can do grave harm on their bodies, especially when the substance abuse is long-term.

La Ventana treats addictive disorders with individualized and comprehensive therapy that combines a holistic approach with evidence-backed techniques and treatments. Our approach is to create individualized treatment plans that fortify clients’ physical health, address the root causes responsible for the addiction disorders, restore the bonds between clients and their social networks, train clients to live a lifestyle that promotes strong mental and physical health, and guide clients as they transition back into their normal lives.

La Ventana’s Five-Point Strategy to Treating Substance Abuse

There is no panacea for addiction because no two people have the exact same biological and mental factors. Also, the root causes associated with substance abuse rarely have a singular root cause. Because of these complications, La Ventana focuses on a comprehensive array of services designed to improve clients’ overall loves with the goal of replacing behaviors that facilitate substance abuse with behaviors that minimize the destructive addictive urges.

  • Biological: Biological treatments offered fall into one of two categories: exercise and fitness – such as specialized exercise programs and nature hikes – and medications as appropriate to assist in severing the physical aspects of the addiction.
  • Psychological: Our therapy options include family therapy, individual therapy, case management, psychotherapy, twelve-step therapies, and experiential therapies.
  • Social: We guide our clients to recovery-based communities where they can establish and develop their individuality, their creativity, their spontaneity, and their joy.
  • Spiritual: La Ventana does not promote or teach religion at our facilities. However, we do incorporate mindfulness and meditation so clients can re-establish their respect, empathy, and authenticity.
  • Nutritional: Forming healthy eating patterns is a key component of overcoming substance addictions. Our staff will guide clients towards healthy eating routines with nutritious foods that will reduce the risks of nutritional deficiencies triggering relapses or other complications.
La Ventana is eager to speak with potential and current clients as well as their families. Our staff at both of our facilities can perform free consultations and provide tours of our facilities. And we can work with many major health insurance companies. We urge people interested in addressing their mental issues to contact us by filling out our online form, calling us at (800) 560-8518, or emailing us at

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