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Codependency Treatment Center

Codependency can be a symptom of an underlying mental illness where the client sacrifices their own self-worth or makes unreasonable compromises to appease others, such as romantic partners, family members, and co-workers. An uncontrolled, excessive desire to help others at the cost of self-care can develop into intense physical and emotional problems, and it can drive away others as well. La Ventana’s treatment centers in Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills can create and administer custom treatment plans for clients seeking to break their codependent behaviors.

Symptoms of Codependency

Codependent behavior can render a relationship toxic or outright destroy a relationship. Whereas give-and-take is a typical part of any relationship, an unequitable balance is a sign of trouble. And codependent people trying to shield loved ones committing deliberate misbehaviors prevent the other person from emotionally developing.

  • Low Self-Esteem: Codependent clients feel like they are unworthy of the positive attention that they receive from others. This symptom can be difficult to detect when a client internalizes their self-esteem issues instead of vocally expressing it.
  • People-Pleasing Nature: Codependents have difficulty saying “no” to requests from others. This can leave them feeling overextended or manipulated. This can also be detrimental to partners engaging in dangerous, illegal, or self-destructive behaviors.
  • Difficulty Identifying Their Own Emotions: Codependent clients can be so focused on their partner that they either ignore or misdiagnose their own emotional states. These can exacerbate miscommunications and outbursts.
  • Lack of Boundaries: Codependent people do not establish and enforce their personal and social boundaries. This can lead to long-term consequences and leave them vulnerable to emotionally manipulative third parties. Not having clear boundaries can also lead to codependent clients engaging in risky behavior such as excessive spending or unsafe sexual practices.
  • Reactive Responses: Codependents can swiftly shift to defensive or angry responses when they feel neglected or underappreciated.
  • Control: Codependents coerce or manipulate others to fill what they consider to be emotional voids. Due to their people-pleasing nature, they establish control through indirect or manipulative means.

How La Ventana Can Help Clients Manage Codependency

Proper treatment of codependent behavior frequently requires therapy for the client as well as their families. La Ventana’s treatment centers in Thousand Oaks offer a variety of therapy services to address and manage codependent behavior. Psychotherapy allows our staff to discover the root causes of clients’ codependency and how to express emotional needs in a healthy manner. Group therapy allows clients to consult with each other on how to halt destructive behaviors. Family therapy involves clients’ social support network to address both root causes and external factors. And La Ventana offers self-care support to assist clients in leading a healthy lifestyle which further reduces vulnerability to mental disorders.

La Ventana’s treatment centers in Thousand Oaks have comprehensive experience in handling a variety of mental disorders. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form, calling us at (800) 560-8518, or emailing us at

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