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Residential Detox Licensed for IMS

La Ventana Treatment Program in Thousand Oaks can treat up to twelve clients. La Ventana strives to maintain a low staff-to-client ratio to ensure that each client receives the individualized care that they need during their stay. Detoxing is one of the most important parts of the recovery process. By focusing on helping to rid the body of toxins, we provide a safer foundation for clients’ to build their recovery on.

Understanding the Importance of Detox

Detox is a process that is not safe to do alone. We always recommend clients come to us to remove toxins from their bodies because trying to do so at home is dangerous. It is unexpected, and no two detoxes are identical. Each addiction is unique, which means the way the body is going to process withdrawals uniquely as well.

Many people struggle with the detox process because it can be so unpredictable, even deadly. Thankfully, modern medicine has ways of being able to manage many of the withdrawal symptoms that clients experience during this process. However, until the process begins, no one knows how it will progress. While some people are simply tired and feel exhausted, others have far more elusive symptoms. This can include rapid changes in heart rate, breathing rates, and blood pressure. Without being monitored by a licensed professional, these symptoms could be missed if someone were trying to detox outside of an IMS-licensed treatment facility.

Here at La Ventana, we take the time to keep you monitored regularly. We want to know where your heart rate is at, how your body feels, and anything else you are going through. Our experienced staff knows what to watch for and will closely monitor every symptom they notice. Plus, they have also helped other clients in similar situations. This means they can offer tips that could help you sleep, eat, or keep your mind busy during this phase of your recovery.

Incidental Medical Services

La Ventana Treatment Programs has exceeded state requirements to ensure the detox facility surpasses expectations. La Ventana sought and achieved licensure designating the detox facility for Incidental Medical Services (IMS). This means additional licensed staff are available 24/7, under the guidance of a medical professional, to address medical issues associated with detoxification.

Our Detoxification Facility is Unique

La Ventana’s treatment centers feature small settings, door-to-door service (with doctors and psychiatrists coming to the clients during their stay), accommodations for clients’ personal needs, and the ability to work with many insurance companies to minimize costs and paperwork. We are also licensed to be able to help should incidental medical needs arise. If anything more severe comes up, we work in close partnership with several local hospitals to ensure each client is always well cared for and safe.
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