La Ventana Treatment Centers provide state-of-the-art, individually tailored, and holistic treatment for those struggling with the full spectrum of chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health issues.

Our comprehensive and innovative treatment philosophy is based upon our understanding of the complex and progressive nature of chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health issues. Instead of focusing on the symptoms, we treat the person and the underlying issues that have led to harmful behaviors.

In other words, we get it.

We offer all levels of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction: medically-managed residential Sub-Acute Detoxification Services, Residential Treatment Centers (RTC), Full Day Treatment Programs (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programs (Afternoon and Evening IOP), Outpatient Services, highly structured Transitional Living, and gender-specific Sober Living Environments (SLE’s). La Ventana believes that continuity of care creates the best recovery practice, and addiction outcome research agrees.

What We Treat




Our Philosophy

La Ventana’s approach to substance abuse treatment is holistic, individually tailored, and grounded in evidence-based research. Our multidisciplinary team expertly craft treatment plans that include psychiatric and medical care; individual, family, and group psychotherapy; and dietetic services with Registered Dietitians. Our client to staff ratio is low to provide individual attention. We believe addiction is a chronic neurobiological disease where the pleasure, motivation, and reward centers of the brain form pathological circuitry related to substance abuse. The disease of addiction not only affects the body, but it also creates illness in the mind and the spirit. Our treatment is multi-modal: we address the biological, psychological, social, spiritual, and nutritional manifestations of the disease. Our program meets the client and their family where they are at: we formulate treatment plans to focus on the individual’s needs, beliefs, and underlying causes of the disease throughout all levels of care