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Family Immersion

La Ventana’s treatment centers in Thousand Oaks seek to reintegrate clients into their normal lives as part of our comprehensive treatment. Often, clients’ mental disorders have led to strained relations with their friends and family. Our team believes that reestablishing open, healthy communication between clients and their social networks is crucial to preventing relapses and providing long-lasting solutions to their mental disorders.

Ways That Families and Friends Can Support Clients’ Recovery

Clients’ social networks are vital to long-lasting recovery. The following measures can help clients prevent relapses:

  • Family, friends, and loved ones of clients with addictive disorders should refrain from indulging in the target of the client’s addiction.
  • The more information that family and friends can learn about the client’s mental disorder, the more likely they are to offer supportive behavior and gestures that promote good mental health.
  • Family and friends should not enable any behavior that will lead to relapses.
  • Family and friends should be ready to provide non-judgmental listening and counsel; it is vital to understand that the client is struggling with a disorder and not deliberately putting themselves at risk.
  • When family and friends can forgive clients for their actions caused by their mental illness, clients can begin to unburden themselves from their guilt and shame.
  • Family and friends can encourage clients’ community involvement by attending meetings and activities with the client.
  • Family and friends can act as positive role models to reinforce healthy lifestyle choices and to discreetly compel clients to engage in healthy, beneficial behaviors and activities.
  • Family is defined by what the client says is their family.

How La Ventana Assists Families and Friends Support Our Clients

La Ventana offers three-day family immersion therapy sessions for clients, their families, and their support network. For these sessions, clients define their own family unit, whether traditional or composed of friends and peers. If welcomed by the client, La Ventana will gladly include these romantic partners, friends, peers, mentors, as well as blood-relations; individuals whom the client trusts and who have an interest in the client’s well-being will be invited to attend.

La Ventana’s family immersion therapy sessions serve two purposes: to educate the client’s network about the nature of the mental disorder and to repair the emotional damage caused by the mental disorder. Our team will educate family and friends about the disorder affecting the client and explain behaviors and mindsets that can either promote or hinder recovery and wellness. And our various therapy options will facilitate honest, healthy communications that can reestablish trust and comfort between clients and their families.

Few people can handle a mental disorder by themselves. Having a social network that understands clients’ mental disorders and promotes healthy behaviors and mindsets is crucial to prevent relapses. Therefore, La Ventana’s treatment centers in Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills are open to those dear to our clients. To address issues and concerns, we provide free tours and complimentary assessments. To schedule an assessment or a tour, please contact us by filling out our online form, calling us at (800) 560-8518, or emailing us at

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