Dietary Philosophy

Dietary Philosophy

Connection of the Mind, Body and Spirit

The nutritional component of our program is informed by the belief that disconnection between the body and mind fosters the development of eating disorders. We encourage our clients to re-engage with their bodies on the most basic of levels—attuning to hunger and fullness cues—and give themselves permission to eat the foods they desire in a manner that nourishes their bodies, minds, and souls.

We seek to reestablish the “lost connection” between the body and mind through community, relationships, and normalized eating. Food restriction, whether physical or psychological in nature, creates food interest. We seek to heal food deprivation, neutralize clients’ perception of foods and banish the use of moralizing terms such as “good,” “bad,” “junk” or “clean” to describe food. In our philosophy, all food fits and there is health in all body sizes. Clients work one-on-one with Registered Dietitians to target individual nutritional needs and provide customized care that promotes long-term self-care, self-acceptance, and self-worth.


Dietary Intervention Techniques:
  • Hunger and fullness attunement using a 10-point hunger scale that describes various stages of hunger and fullness
  • Clients are encouraged to identify and honor their natural cues
  • Food-mood tracking to isolate problematic eating patterns
  • Blood sugar stabilization and emotional regulation provided
  • Consistent meal and snack times
  • Structured sleep schedules
  • Individually tailored meal plans to allow for fullness engagement
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Exposure to binge foods to reintegrate those foods in a normalized meal plan
  • Reduce shame associated with eating
  • Psychoeducation on nutrition, body image, exercise and food-mood connection
  • Metabolic recovery with nutrition plans that promote normalized eating and weight restoration
  • Dietitian led meal experiential and grocery store tutorials to prepare clients for real-life experiences with food
  • Family style meals that involve client prepared meals of favorite family recipes and cultural foods to create corrective emotional experiences involving food
  • Exploration of the physiological as well as emotional underpinnings to binge eating during weekly RD sessions
  • Individualized plans to promote healthy movement

We offer all of this and more at La Ventana Treatment Center to cope with any unhealthy relationship with food that has damaging side effects on the body, mind and spirit. Call us to explore your treatment options or to ask any questions you may have.