Teen Intensive
Outpatient Program

Safely Re-Opened 9/1/2021

Following CDC COVID Guidelines

Exclusively for All Gender Teens Ages 13 – under 18

Thousand Oaks Facility

In-person therapy sessions and ZOOM telehealth therapy sessions for non-vaccinated or any teen and/or families of teens who cannot attend in-person

There is Hope... There is Help

Teen Mental Health by the Numbers

We Can Help

Group – Individual – Family
Therapy Sessions Available

We deeply believe in validating your teen’s struggles as they seek help. We don’t just treat the symptoms; we treat the whole person and the underlying issues that have led to unhealthy behaviors and dis-ease. La Ventana provides evidence-based treatment approaches to healing teens searching for answers in the following areas:

How We Help

Your teen will be guided by our compassionate team of highly educated mental health professionals. With over 200 years of experience, they are skilled in cultivating and providing the tools necessary for recovery and treatment including:

We Let Your Teen Know They are Not Alone

We let them know that
It’s ok to struggle, it’s ok to need help and support
When they walk through our doors, they are immediately welcomed into a safe, supportive environment where healing begins.


In addition, we are sensitive to you and your teen’s COVID concerns. We cannot minimize the stress and anxiety our teens are experiencing due to COVID. The pandemic has caused Teen Mental Health issues to reach an all-time high, due to less social interaction with each other and adults. Their fears are monumental and we are here to help them navigate these unprecedented times.

Teen Mental Health Program Details

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