We know that traumatic events in a woman’s lifetime can result in serious consequences, such as mental illness and substance abuse. La Ventana offers a residential mental health facility dedicated to women in crisis.

La Ventana offers a gender-specific Residential Trauma Treatment Program in Thousand Oaks that provides an emotionally safe, supportive facility where female clients explore their cognitive, emotional, and physical health.

Our residential mental health facility for women addresses the underlying causes of depression and anxiety that causes pain and suffering. As a result, the rest of the body can begin healing.

Trauma Treatment Interventions at La Ventana

La Ventana offers a number of treatment modalities for women who have suffered traumatic events in their lifetimes. Our women-only program is designed to promote long-term recovery from mental health disorders and dual diagnosis.

Each client is unique, and we treat them this way

We realize that the women who come to us have different backgrounds; some have suffered sexual assault while others were physically abused or emotionally neglected. This is why we focus on evidence-based treatments tailored to each individual’s needs.

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Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

Greater focus on issues affecting women.

Issues like parenting, income, employment and mental health conditions affect a woman’s recovery different than a man’s. Our mental health facility gives special attention to these areas.


Greater safety and security.

In a gender specific environment, sexual assault victims feel more comfortable discussing their past. These environments are also safer and have  fewer distractions compared to coed treatment facilities.

Nurturing environment. 

Our residential female mental health facility is highly nurturing, as we know that women do best in this setting. We intend to build a strong sense of community to guide women through trauma recovery and protect them from relapse.


Address gender-specific relapse risks.

Our mental health program also addresses gender-specific relapse.  For example, women are more likely to relapse due to low self-esteem, eating disorders associated with substance abuse and continuing relationships with abusive partners.

Start your recovery today

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