Face Your Fears in Recovery

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We know that recovery, whether from addiction, an eating disorder, or other mental health battles, can feel terrifying… certainly much scarier than any Halloween spook. This October, we are sharing tips from the La Ventana family on how to FACE YOUR FEARS IN RECOVERY#LVFaceYourFears

No matter how scared you might feel right now, our team wants you to know that recovery is worth it. If you need a little extra support, come to one of our free support groups or call 800-560-8518 to learn more about our state-of-the-art, innovative, and holistic treatment programs.

“Face your fears with honesty and they will become temporary fears. Ignore your fears and the regret not to face them will last a lifetime.”

Steve Zamarripa, MBA
Founder of La Ventana Treatment Programs

“If we don’t face our fears they take hold of our mind, body and spirit. Our stories are often about the pain of the past or the fear of the future and we rehearse them until we are terrified. Lean into the fear and create new stories filled with positive expectations. Shelter from the fear happens when we learn to live in the present moment.”

Diahann Klein, MA, LMFT
CEO of La Ventana Treatment Programs

“The good thing about anxiety is that no matter how high it goes, it cannot hurt you. It only feels like it could. Next time you are highly anxious, remind yourself that it will be temporary and harmless! Then, just go on with your day, continuing with whatever is most meaningful to you in that moment, allowing the anxiety to come and go at will.”

Andrea Kulberg, Ph.D.
Clinical Director of La Ventana Santa Barbara

“Face your fears by changing your focus. Focusing on your fears holds you back. Using your fears as a catalyst for change, and remembering why you started in the first place, can help you break through that fear to move forward.”

Sharon Volner, LMFT
Clinical Director of Substance Abuse & Mental Health Programs 

“Fear is a liar! If you can’t beat the fear, do it scared.”

Gwendolyn Casella
Director of Detox & Chemical Dependency Services

“Fear can keep us paralyzed, but it is only as powerful as we allow it to be. Together we can face and rise above those fears!”

Elizabeth Wray, MS, LMFT
Eating Disorder Program Director

“Face your fears head on. Acknowledge them. Tell yourself they have no hold over you, then move forward into the recovery you deserve.”

Julie Fleming, RN, DON
Director of Nursing

“You only have one life to live. So surrender to the process and don’t let anyone stand in your way on your path to recovery. It will be well worth the wait!”

Heidi Favia, MA, LMFT
Eating Disorder Program Manager

“Facing fears is a true test of inner strength. Sometimes we just need a reminder of how much we are capable of, and as we heal, the more empowered we feel.”

Jamie Davis, MA, MFTi
Mental Health Program Manager

“Fear can be used as a means of inspiration. When I find myself in fear, I ask, ‘What can I do in this moment to empower myself?’ I state the facts of my circumstances and then take action, which always releases the intensity of the fear. I use it to move me closer toward what I want.”

Jude Weber, MA, CPLC
Recovery Advocate

“The more present I am, the less I fear! Here and now, most things fall between awesome and manageable.”

Joe Greeley
Clinical Outreach Manager

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