Humans of La Ventana

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Welcome to “Humans of La Ventana” – where our clients share their unedited personal experiences in treatment @ La Ventana. These features are shared with a deep respect for each individual’s journey and love for the trust they placed in us to be a part of their healing. We begin with a story from our Substance Use Residential Program…

“My experience here at La Ventana was something I could not have ever imagined. I came here still not sure if I was ready to stop drugs and not long after I walked through these doors that completely changed. I saw a complete new light and it was amazing. My mindset completely changed, the staff here helped me relax and feel at peace with myself again for the first time ever remembered. Everything I was here just got better and better, I actually finally felt at home for the first time in a long time and it helped me everyday to get better. I am sure you will find or already have that the that the staff here is amazing, if not for them I could not have made it through this so well. All I can say is that this place changed my life and I could not be happier, accept for the fact I truly didn’t want to leave because it was so wonderful. As you have seen through my writing that my handwriting is not perfect and either is my spelling, but that’s the thing, none of us are perfect but if we give it our all and believe in our selves, gradually you can make it better. The staff here truly became family, and I love the all and I will never forget the beautiful La Ventana 😊 I hope what I said you have gotten something from it and I hope the best in your recovery.”